Strawberry Design Website Design Services


Our designers work alongside our experts in web development and social media to make sure your message is clear across all platforms and you get the best return on your investment.

  • website design and development
  • bespoke design and development with unique programming and more creative freedom
  • 'design collection’ semi-bespoke sites designed to your branding within clear programming parameters
  • wordpress sites using our design and development skills to customise wordpress templates
  • content management systems
  • search engine optimization
  • e-commerce
  • digital media
  • social media consulting and account management
Strawberry Design Website Design Services


we love designing websites

Working out how we can really get your message across on so many platforms. We love the lack of restrictions to pages and paper sizes. We love working out how the pages interconnect, thinking carefully about how people will navigate through the site, where they might want to go next, where they have come from and might want to return to. It's like doing a complex jigsaw. We also enjoy the challenge of the restraints that come from designing websites for online viewing, balancing search engine optimisation with programming possibilites and visual appeal.

organic growth

One of the most exciting things about a website is that, if well designed and future proofed, it can really grow with you. As your business grows and adapts so too can your website. With the click of a button (well, maybe a few of them) the site can be changed, an image added or removed, text updated. Websites are not set in stone and the more active a site is the better it will do in web searches.

our expertise

Our expertise, we believe, is in creating sites that really express your brand. We love to work on sites alongside brand development and promotional materials to create a strong and dynamic cohesion in all your communications; such as we have with Tumble Home, Rill Estate, Vital Touch and 3KQ, amongst others.

Strawberry Design Website Design Services


content management systems

With our bespoke website design and development services we have a wide range of options on cms websites that our clients can manage themselves. Sites can be fully updateable by our clients; pages can be added or removed, text changed, images adjusted, added, removed, news updated automatically from rss feeds, the list goes on ... or you can chose to have a cms where you simply change the text when you need to and we look after the rest.

search engine optimisation

sometimes it's hard to know where to start with seo and it seems rather mystical. We have seo experts who produce practical, realistic and solid optimisation packages that will help you get found for the search areas that are really relevant to you. We work to the budget that suits you, helping you to also be able to help yourself.


Our web developers have much experience in this area and we pride ourselves in producing sites that look great as well as giving the customer a seamless and easy shopping experience.

digital media

This is a wide area and we are happy to discuss your need, whether it's social networking, video, animation, online ebrochures - the world's our oyster when it comes to digital creativity.

Strawberry Design Website Design Services


we've found a low cost website solution

Using our programmers' expertise in their smart site development to bring you a new range of custom designed site frames. You can either use them just as they are for a simple 'lets get started' business package. Or you can combine these extremely cost effective wire frames with our bespoke branding and design services to create a site that's unique to you. Either way you can have a great site without too much of an investment in these economically stretched times.

fully content managed

All sites come with a full cms, meaning you can add, remove and edit pages and sections. They include the option of: gallery, news/blog sections and calendars for your events diary - they are very versatile and easy to use. We are really happy about this development as it makes our services so much more affordable to the smaller businesses - or just those that don't need anything too specialised. Costs start at £900 per site depending upon what you need from us. Take a look at our design collection portfolio and see what you think.

get in touch

Website options are many and varied. We're always happy to welcome potential clients at our lovely offices on the beautiful dartington hall estate, near totnes in devon, to chat about what might suit your needs, known and unknown.